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What’s Working? What’s Not?

That’s what you need to know about your advertising campaign to decide whether your ad spend is delivering the results you want. Our comprehensive set of ad effectiveness solutions helps media buyers and sellers alike understand each advertising campaign on a deeper level. By knowing where campaign tactics are on point—and where they’re falling short—you can better understand how to optimize your campaign and reach your desired goal.

What We Measure

Our solutions measure the total effectiveness of your advertising: who it’s reaching, how it’s resonating, and consumers’ reaction—across screens.

These measurements provide you with the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of each advertising campaign—while it’s still in progress, and understand your audience’s relationship with your advertising. Whether it’s TV, online, tablet or mobile, we provide you the information you need.

How We Do It

We measure campaign effectiveness against your primary marketing objective. Our solutions measure in a timely manner, so you can optimize campaign performance in flight. They measure across platforms for a holistic, integrated view of each campaign, and they’re backed by industry-leading quality and precision, so you’re getting information you can trust.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings provides you with the metrics you need to understand who a campaign reached online. By combining aggregated, anonymous demographic information from participating online data providers with high-quality Nielsen Cross-Platform Homes Panel data, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings delivers several advancements critical to improvi chwtbbtb. discounted uggsng transparency, efficacy and consistency in your online advertising campaign. Overnight, TV-comparable metrics such as reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) by age, gender and demographic market area enable easy cross-screen measurement and evaluation. Nielsen Total Ad Ratings takes this one step further by measuring the reach of a campaign across TV and online, revealing who saw an ad online, who saw it on TV and who saw it both places—allowing for strategic duplication and incremental reach.

Our Brand Effect suite provides advertisers, agencies and media owners the ability to measure and optimize advertising in all its forms: TV, online, mobile device and tablet. We measure all kinds of ad formats, giving you the insights you need to understand if an ad resonated and how it moved the needle against your primary campaign objective—in real-time.

Nielsen Buyer Insights integrates Nielsen panel data with more than 90 percent of U.S. credit card transaction data to link what people watch and buy in an aggregated, privacy-protected way. Specifically, the solution connects ads viewed on TV or online with consumer purchasing behavior. Nielsen Buyer Insights allows you to know what your desired customer is watching so that you can spend less to make more.

Comprehensive, Cross-Screen Ad Effectiveness

Whether you’re using one screen—or reaching across them—we help you realize the full effectiveness of your advertising campaign. These kinds of insights provide you with the possibility to grow your advertising. Realizing what consumers are reacting to will help you understand how to better reach them so you can make a significant impact and maximize your return on investment.

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Online music and movie piracy is a real life crime, and with crime comes consequences. The fact is,  online piracy is a continuous problem that is negatively affecting the music and movie industry. However, the level at which piracy has affected these industries is still under quite a bit a dispute. The RIAA asserts that piracy has cost the United States economy over $12 billion in total output  annually as well as over 70,000 lost jobs [1] . The RIAA has also said that “both the volume of music acquired without paying for it and the resulting drop in revenues are staggering. Digital sales, while on the rise, are not making up the difference. There should be no doubt that piracy undermines the entire chain of creating and investing in music [2].” Conversely, there have been studies done that suggest that piracy has a minimal,if not negligible, effect on music sales, and that piracy can in fact sometimes act as a driving force in increasing music sales [3]. What both sides can agree on is the fact that online piracy is now easier and therefore more prevalent than ever.

One example of a band using file sharing to their advantage is when the band Radiohead produced and released a record on their own allowing users to pay whatever they wanted for the album and then download the album online.  In an interview with the lead singer it was reported that the band made more money than all the previous albums combined (Cosstick) [7].  A similar example is with the recent popular computer game Minecraft, which was largely pirated.  The creator is not complaining though, instead he looks at it as more opportunity to increase sales. “Treat game development as a service,” he says. “Make a game last longer than a week. You can’t pirate an online account.” [8].

With the increased awareness about the severity of internet piracy in recent years, it is evident in the below graphs that number of people that pirate media constantly increases [5] and [6]:

Quick Facts on Illegal Piracy: (Results from 2007)

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) members received advance copies, also known as screeners, for 30 out of 34 films. (Everything except Click, Monster House, Poseidon, and Black Dahlia.) 31 out of 34 films were released online in some form, including camcorder footage. (Everything except Letters from Iwo Jima, Notes on a Scandal, and Venus.) 24 screeners were leaked online. (In several cases, they were leaked months before Academy screeners were mailed.) The average length of time between a film’s USA release and its first appearance online is 12 days. On average, a screener appears online 24 days before it’s received by Academy members [4].

Overall, with the graphs and facts shown above, it is evident that there is a severe issue with online piracy on the internet that needs to be corralled. Although the RIAA has made efforts to increase awareness on the consequences of illegal downloading and file sharing on the internet, the fact is, piracy has become a social norm. Whether it be music or movies, the average person has illegally downloaded some sort of media in their lifetime. How can the RIAA and the FBI put a stop to internet piracy? A question that is yet to be answered.


[1]Stephen E. Siwek, “The True Cost of Sound Recording Piracy to the U.S. Economy.” Institute for Policy Innovation Policy Report – #181. (2007)<>

[2]  RIAA. 2011. 17 July 2011 <>.

[3]McGuire, D. (2004, March 29). Study: file-sharing no threat to music sales. The Washington Post , pp.

[4] UnEasySilence. 24 Jan. 2007. 17 July 2011 <>.



[7] Cosstick, Adrian. “OK, Computer: File Sharing, the Music Industry, and Why We Need the Pirate Party.” Journal of Media and Communication. (2009): Print.

[8] “Minecraft Creator Says Piracy Is Not Theft.” IndustryGamers . Web. 19 July 2011. <>.

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